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Simple Ways To Mentally Stimulate Your Dog
  • Hide treats around your house
  • Put treats under boxes, plastic cups, etc for your dog to find
  • Give them a compressed bone
  • Press rolled dog food or meat firmly into kongs or other toy
  • Take your dog on a car ride
  • Freeze wet dog food into cubes or in a toy
  • Use an old towel and tie into knots with treats inside
  • Play hide and seek with your dog
  • Freeze their favorite toys into a big ice cube
  • Stuff a sturdy hollow bone with treats or food
  • Use a food ball or buster cube for daily feeding
  • Take you dog to an event with large crowds
  • Have a play date with another dog
  • Go to a dog park
  • Take your dog swimming
  • Put a backpack on your dog when you go walking
  • Teach your dog a new trick
  • Create your own agility course in your back yard
  • Have your dog give kids a wagon or sled ride
  • Take your dog bike riding
  • Have your dog pull you on roller blades
  • Teach your dog hand signals

** Do not perform any of the above activities if you are unsure of the safety of you, your pet and others. Ask your veterinarian or animal expert what activities may be right for your dog.

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